Hi, my name is Stephen Brooks
I'm the Web Developer.

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I currently use React, Bootstrap, html5, sass, css3, jQuery and JavaScript for front end development. I use my skills to build apps online as a freelancer and grow in my skills with Learnkey and Udemy. I reside in Oklahoma and not far from OKC. I enjoy contributing to open sources in Github, and practice version control. I have used gitbash for using the command prompt, have usage with Node.js, yarn, choco with code editors Sublime and Visual Studio Professional where I access Github, run C# code, push and pull from git, and build most apps.

My goal is to provide support for an IT compnay that can use my skills as a web developer, and apply new skills as I continue to learn and grow in my development experience. I enjoy taking responsibility and working on difficult task to push myself. I am currently certified in HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript through Microsoft. I am working on Python, C# and asp.NET MVC certifications as well.

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Dramacide Kennel

For a veteran that owns a Kennel in Shreveport, Louisiana and a dog lover.

See Live Source Code

Diner Project

A fine place to dine or order.

See Live Source Code

Barber Shop

A good place to get hair cuts.

See Live Source Code

Reaction Game

Test Your Reaction By Clicking on Objects.

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Blue Collar Real Estate

An agency that sells homes and help home buyers find their new home.

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Films & Investments

An agency that helps with investing films.

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