Hi, my name is Stephen Brooks
I'm the Web Developer.

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I started learning web development with Bottega University, a coding bootcamp. From there I took courses in Udemy to help sustain myself as I grew my knowledge in more languages. I use what is known as MERN for building apps, or often creating my own stacks with Vue.js. I currently have a bachelor of Science degree in Psychology and went back for another degree in Fullstack Development at Bryan University.

I offer my skills and knowledge as a freelancer, building websites and teaching others how to code through Wyzant and Udemy. I use layouts from either MDB5 or build my own, depending on the goals of each project. What I enjoy in projects the most is starting fresh and putting all the pieces together. By doing so, I stay up to date on new methods and changes.

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Dramacide Kennel

For a veteran that owns a Kennel in Shreveport, Louisiana and a dog lover.

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Diner Project

A fine place to dine or order.

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Barber Shop

A good place to get hair cuts.

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Reaction Game

Test Your Reaction By Clicking on Objects.

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Blue Collar Real Estate

An agency that sells homes and help home buyers find their new home.

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Films & Investments

An agency that helps with investing films.

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